Hello. There's been a few enquiries which I'll attempt to satisfy. The first is for the song "This Bliss" from the album "Dust".

I was surprised at how well this song came up in recording, due in a large part to Paul Kosky's enthusiasm and ideas, for he was producing that track for Mushroom Records at the time. All the recording and mixing was done at Metropolis in South Melbourne. I was very pleased with the result, the production was sensitive, engaging and completely satisfied my expectations of quality. Unfortunately the finished track didn't lead to the recording of another album with Mushroom. Later I secured a release with ABC Music for what was to become the album "Dust".

The idea for "This Bliss" came to me in Darwin in mid 1991, I was just strumming the guitar, and yes I had been inspired by an encounter with the fairer sex. It was an encounter of such poignant tenderness that an awakening to the possibilities of renewal and love occurred. That was what I wanted to evoke in the song.

Needless to say the song has had a longer life than the affair which inspired it! It is often the way of things. Songs by their nature are resonant and powerful beyond measure to the many mundane and often indiscriminate experiences that give rise to their birth.

In essence "This Bliss" is a song of hope and faith, asserting that somewhere some time, love will arrive, that the need to be cherished will be fullfilled. Like the way day follows night, or spring after winter. The way we wake continually every morning to be acquainted to a new day- where untold possibility and potential exists.


"You're gonna meet a lady sometime soon you won't have to do too much. You'll have slow conversation or you might not speak at all

When she comes she'll come so softly you might not notice her at first. But when she turns out the light and takes you by your hand you know everything that follows, follows to a plan. One more time in your life this bliss.

And you're so, you're so grateful she came to the rescue and she'll hold you so dearly you hardly breathe at all lest you blow her away but come the break of day you'll be so amazed to find she's sleeping at your side, one more time in your life this bliss.

And you're so glad that you're still alive to feel like this one last time. Yes one more time in your life this bliss."