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Hindsight - selected songs

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HINDSIGHT - selected songs [2017]

CD 1:
1. Whispering Casuarina
2. Bring Thunder and Rain
3. Eddie Mabo
4. Tjapwurrung Country
5. You’ll have to follow
6. Burrumbeep Hill
7. Malamia
8. Lights of Hay
9. Long Grass Band
10. Native Born
11. Calm & Crystal Clear
12. Clever Man
13. Good light in Broome
14. This Time
15. Over the Moon
16. Where My People Go
CD 2:
1. Spirit
2. Far Out West
3. Myall Creek
4. I Can Go On
5. Melbourne Town
6. Sing your Destiny
7. Is That What You Heard?
8. Menindee
9. Anywhere Tonight
10. Burnin' Land
11. Last Dance
12. Holy Road
13. Coolamon Moon
14. Tom Wills Would
15. Meet Me in Bedourie
16. Ocean of Regret (live)

Bring Thunder & Rain

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1. Get Up
2. Wait For Thee
3. Whispering Casuarina
4. Bring Thunder and Rain
5. It Was Told
6. Malamia (Long Ago)
7. Along The Kidman Way
8. Nothing I Did
9. Is That What You Heard?
10. Come Away From That Country
11. One Shining Star

Sing the Song

No longer available

SING THE SONG - the essential Neil Murray [2011]

CD 1:
1. Long Grass Band
2. Over the Moon
3. Good Light in Broome
4. Tjapwurrung Country
5. You'll Have To Follow
6. Burrumbeep Hill
7. Burning Land
8. Lights of Hay
9. Eddie Mabo
10. Native Born
11. I Can Go On
12. My Island Home (Live)
13. Big Truck
14. These Hands
15. Spirit
16. Sing the Song (Live)
CD 2:
1. Calm & Crystal Clear
2. Where My People Go
3. Broken Song
4. Bulukbara Man
5. In My Heart
6. Myall Creek
7. Melbourne Town
8. Sing Your Destiny
9. Cleverman
10. Tom Wills Would
11. This Good Earth
12. Circumstances
13. Far Away
14. High On A Hill
15. Meet Me In Bedourie
16. Anywhere Tonight

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WITNESS [2010]

1. Burning Land
2. One Of Those Tunes
3. Burrumbeep Hill
4. Lost Child
5. I Once Knew A Woman
6. Blessed Man
7. Last Dance
8. Remembering 9/11
9. Far Out West
10. Country Star


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1. With You Tonight
2. I Can Go On
3. Lights of Hay
4. Drifting Ways
5. Once in a While
6. You'll Have to Follow
7. Meet Me in Bedourie
8. Key to my Heart
9. The Streets of Bourke
10. Where my People go
11. Get Back to the Country
12. Sing the Song

"At a basic level, everything I write is a result of what I’ve seen, heard and felt. I aim to be clear. I aim to be accurate. The songs are my testimony."

Long time friend and founding Midnight Oil member Jim Moginie was enlisted to help produce Witness:
“I respect Jim’s judgement. He’s played on a lot of my records now and it was just easy. He had a studio and we just picked out the songs and went for it. A bonus was “One of those tunes” – our first co-write. It taps the dilemma of trying to remain true to one’s self yet still give audiences what they want."


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SPOKEN [2007]
Spoken word readings written and recorded by Neil Murray.
This album contains no music

1. Unmarked Graves
2. For the Bulukbara
3. Puunyart Dreaming
4. Toyota Dreaming
5. Language of Eyes
6. Work
7. The Grog Heroes
8. Puck All
9. Tougher Than The Rest
10. Waiting for the Call of the Kurrparu
11. Kulata
12. You Can Be a Man
13. Bush People
14. We'll Take the Valiant
15. The Yackandandah Track
16. Windy Mick and The Falcon
17. Great Redeeming Actions
18. The Pontoon Touchdown
19. I Have Then Here
20. That Bad
21. Mourning
22. Draught
23. There Are Men Tonight
24. Contact
25. Contact 2
26. Declaring the Step-Child
27. Freeman's Gold
About Time

No longer available

ABOUT TIME - A Song Collection [2005]

CD 1: About Time
1. Cleverman
2. Big Truck
3. Native Born
4. Eddie Mabo
5. Far Away
6. Broken Song
7. Good light in Broome
8. Late this Night
9. Spirit
10. Over the Moon
11. Tom Wills Would
12. Ocean of Regret
13. Tjapwurrung Country
14. Calm & Crystal Clear
15. These Hands
16. Circumstances
17. Menindee
18. Myall Creek
CD 2: Live & Rare
1. One More Mile
2. Dear Me
3. Johnny Grey
4. Salty Ground
5. Bulukbara Man
6. Peace of Mind
7. Native Born
8. Holy Road
9. Broken Song
10. Empty House
11. Myall Creek
12. This Time
13. Long Grass Band
14. My Island Home
15. This Bliss
I was enchanted by songs. Songs I heard in the air, coming from the radio. Songs my grandfather sang around an old piano long before the coming of television. Like many of my generation I was consumed by the music of the 60's and 70's. Absolutely taken by it. Rock n Roll was an adrenalin-charged clarion call and I hurled myself into it. I had to sing and play. Nothing else seemed as vital. and then there was this other sound, coming out of the land.

Like a giant heartbeat in the background, a murmuring, a whispering, a humming of insects and birds calling, wind sighing in old casurinas, distant thunder, rain drumming on the plains, the wake and sleep of the seasons. In the end it was the land that shaped me more and I would seek to capture it in song.

Going the Distance

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1. Long Grass Band (sample song)
2. Beer In Our Hands
3. Circumstances
4. Is That A Sign
5. Over The Moon
6. Holding On To Sky
7. Out Of Reach
8. Myall Creek
9. Mobile Phone Blues
10. High On A Hill
11. Tom Wills Would


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1. Late This Night
2. Eddie Mabo
3. This Time
4. Can't Win
5. Cooling Winds
6. Driving Days
7. Little One
8. Empty House
9. Good Light In Broome (sample song)
10. Wings To Work
11. Sometimes I Feel
12. Anywhere Tonight
13. We'll No Return


The 11 songs on 'Going the Distance' feature a variety of musicians. Mathew Earl, Alex Hewetson, Shannon Birchill, Tony Joyce, Rachel Taylor, Andrew Ford and Tonchi McIntosh all make their first contribution to a Neil Murray album. For others, such as Stephen (Stretch) Teakle, Lucy Eames, David Bridie, Clare Brassel, Naomi Radom, and Nick Wales it is a return engagement. Last but not least, Jim Moginie again provides valuable musicianship and production assistance. Fans of Neil Murray will know that Jim has regularly contributed to Neil’s records (beginning with the Warumpi Band’s Go Bush album) and it is wonderful to hear that relationship continuing on “Going the Distance".

As with 'The Wondering Kind', most of the engineering and mixing for 'Going The Distance' has again been handled by James Cadskey of Vault recording. Despite some initial recording in other locations, Neil decided to do the bulk of the recording and all the mixing in Sydney where he could utilize the support of both Jim and James. Neil says: “Going the Distance promises something for everyone. More than any other record I’ve done, this album seems to mark the way forward”.


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DUST [1996]

1. Spirit
2. Bulukbara Man
3. Give This Day
4. Tjapwurrung Country (sample song)
5. This Bliss
6. Coolamon Moon
7. Melbourne Town
8. Menindee
9. Fire Of Love
10. Peace Of Mind
11. This Good Earth
12. In My Heart
13. Native Born

These Hands

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1. Sing Your Destiny
2. Big Truck (sample song)
3. Fire Away
4. Holy Road
5. Salty Ground
6. Is Nothing Gonna Change
7. Keep This Picture
8. One Day
9. Broken Song
10. Prelude
11. These Hands

Calm and Crystal Clear

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1. Calm & Crystal Clear
2. Horse And Rider
3. Lets Fall In Love Again
(Just For The Hell Of It)
4. Wilderness
5. Clever Man
6. Ocean Of Regret (sample song)
7. Shakin Hand
8. He Was Born
9. Woman's Love
10. One More Mile

2 songmen - Live

No longer available

2songmen Live in Darwin
Features 11 tracks performed by
Shane Howard and Neil Murray.

1. Razor's Edge
2. Let The Franklin Flow
3. Over The Moon
4. Flesh & Blood
5. My Island Home
6. Solid Rock7. Good Light in Broome
8. Heart of My Country
9. Long Grass Band
10. Native Born
11. Talk Of The Town

Faraway Cassingle

The 'Far Away' Cassingle


Containing the once and only released 'Swagman's Rest' and the original version of 'Menindee'.

Available by contacting
Island Home Music, P.O Box 66, Lake Bolac, Vic 3351, Australia
Cost: $5.00 + $6.00 postage and handling
* please make Cheque payable to Island Home Music


Neil Murray

Big Name No Blankets Go Bush Too Much Humbug

Song sample 1:
[1min24 - 986 KB]

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Song sample 2:
"My Island Home"
[1min24 - 992KB]

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Song sample 3:
"Stompin Ground"
[1min13 - 1.11 MB]

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Neil Murray Books


One Day Hill Publishing. 2012
Purchase online through Angus & Robertson

My Island Home


One Day Hill Publishing. 2010

Native Born

NATIVE BORN - The Songs of Neil Murray

One Day Hill Publishing. 2009
"Native Born" can also be ordered through the ABC or at ABC shops.

ONe Man Tribe


eBook available:
Contains the favourites... Windy Mick & The Falcon, Toyota Dreaming, The Fan (Mob of Spunks), Great Redeeming Actions, Language of Eyes, Puck All, Contact.

Sing For Me Countryman


The long awaited reprint is now available.
Available by contacting Island Home Music, P.O Box 66, Lake Bolac, Vic 3351, Australia. Cost: $39.00 including postage and handling
* please make Cheque payable to Island Home Music



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